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A Short Guide Of Thoroughbred Racing Around The World

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People like to take up hobbies and sports for time pass and leisure but some people become passionate enough with these sports to take it up as a profession. Phycologists recommend everyone should take up hobbies in order to lead a healthy satisfying life. The everyday routine of working tirelessly and following the same mundane pattern can become a little hectic for some people that is the way they should plan activities that excite them and make them feel alive.

An extreme sport such a horse racing is immensely popular all around the world. Many countries have legalized racing and some still deem it illegal. The countries that have legalized thoroughbred racing earn millions of dollars in revenue every year. They have established rules and regulatory authorities for keeping a check and balance on racing. The rules of racing are also decided by a board of these authorities. The horse racing festivals wok under the umbrella of these regulatory boards. Thoroughbred racing in NSW has gained so much popularity in recent years due to the reasons mentioned below.

  • Festivity

These are trying times indeed. Each one of us needs a little dose of happiness and positivity no matter where it comes from. Thoroughbred racing has morphed into full-fledged festivals around the world. People from all the economic classes and people from every age group come to celebrate these festivals with so much passion. People look forward to these spring racing carnivals and autumn racing carnivals and wait all year round for them. These carnivals bring people together and highlight a sense of communal togetherness in them.

  • Generate income

These racing festivals are not only for enjoyment but they also provide a livelihood for people related to this industry. The thoroughbred racing industry has hundreds of direct and indirect people attached to it that earns through racing. These festivals generate income for people as well as pay taxes and increase Governments net worth. All the people related to the racing industry strives financially during racing seasons and look forward to them all year. Jockeys, trainers and agents have their livelihood related to racing.

  • Thrill and exciting

Racing is a pure adrenaline based sport that is thrilling and exciting at the same time. Some people may think that it is highly dangerous for jockeys but they train for years and are expert in what they do. Racing gives them a sudden rush of adrenaline that no fear reaches them and they only enjoy. People who watch thoroughbred racing also feel this rush of thrilling excitement and have said that it is an awesome experience in itself.

  • Finger crossed

If you have had the honour of watching thoroughbred racing, you might have felt tempted to put money on your favourite horse. People who gamble on horses and put money on them often get lucky and double or triple their amounts. It is a pure luck-based game and finger crossed one day can be your lucky day too.